Areas of Focus

CED AREAS OF FOCUS fall into four general categories; programs are customized to meet each client's unique needs:
EXECUTIVE COACHING At CED, we believe that self-awareness is essential to professional growth & development - the foundation upon which all successful leadership skills are built. We aim to foster self awareness for our coaching clients through complementary methods including:
  • Surveys and Assessments: We use an assortment of surveys and assessments such as:
    • 360 surveys of professional competencies necessary for achieving work-related goals;
    • Assessments of personality and behavioral patterns that impact interpersonal relationships;
    • Measures of cognitive style and approaches to complex problem solving;
  • Observation and Interviews: Unique to CED is the use of:
    • "The Shadow Process," a customized individual coaching technique that allows the executive coach to directly observe and collect examples of the executive's behaviors at work;
    • "The Verbal 360" process in which the coach collects feedback about the executive's work performance by conducting interviews with the executive's key organizational constituents.
We use Individual Development Plans that provide the structure necessary to guide the coaching experience and target specific goals for success. Growth occurs through Targeted Interventions designed to provide each executive with the opportunities to develop and practice desired new behaviors and skills. Ongoing Feedback and Support from the coach keeps the focus on the goals and validates the progress being made.