Areas of Focus

CED AREAS OF FOCUS fall into four general categories; programs are customized to meet each client's unique needs:
ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING The promise inherent in mergers, start-ups, turn-arounds and major culture change is often lost in the confusion of making it happen. CED methods support the development of 'learning organizations' and position client organizations to meet the dynamic conditions of the marketplace. We offer:

  • Organizational Assessment identifies the prevailing culture and determines appropriate interventions;
    • We conduct focus groups, culture and climate surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and inform senior management about existing trends and patterns. We conduct Pre- and Post Intervention Analyses to quantify the impact of interventions.
    • Assessments are customized to assess the issues unique to the client organization and the results are reported in ways that allow each participating manager the ability to compare data on his/her own area of responsibility with the normative data of the larger organization or industry.
  • Process Management Consulting to support leaders who are responsible for change efforts;
    • Our organizational experts and skilled facilitators guide those responsible for change and performance management processes through critical planning and decision making procedures in ways that ensure the desired change will be efficiently implemented and lasting.
    • Change Management Strategies assist client organizations with identifying organizational values, creating mission and vision statements and cascading the mission, vision and values throughout the organization
  • Organizational Simulations support the development of learning environments and organizational culture change;
    • We offer a wide range of simulated experiences that are provide opportunities for leaders to bridge existing gaps between organizations and departments, and harvest the synergies between merging cultures.
    • True-to-life scenarios provide a realistic opportunity for multifaceted, safe, action learning. They are combined with self assessment, feedback based on behaviors exhibited in actual work situations, and development planning.